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Liebe Leser!

Der neue Roman

Die Winterprinzessin

is available now

released in Dezember 2015

The Winterprincess

London 1668-1670

After the birth of her son, Amoret wants to retire from court life with her husband Breandán and Jeremy Blackshaw, who is still recovering from a bout of illness. But unexpectedly she receives a summons from King Charles II, who is just then negotiating a treaty with the French king Louis XIV. The courier who carried the secret correspondence between Charles and his sister Henriette, Duchesse d’ Orléans has disappeared and with him a politically sensitive letter which under no circumstances may fall into the wrong hands. The search leads Amoret and her friends to the French Court, where an unscrupulous murderer soon threatens their lives.


Liebe Leser!

Der neue Roman

Die Kurtisane des Teufels

Erschienen im Mai 2013



The Jeremy Blackshaw Series Restoration Whodunit
England in 1664

Die Winterprinzessin / The Winterprincess

Narrenkind / Fool's Child




Die Richter des Königs

Die Sündentochter


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Das Jungfrauenspiel (The Hunt for the Griffin) Spy-Story England in 1583

Das Jungfrauenspiel

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